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go through
Look at, check, or discuss sth carefully.
live through
Experience and survive sth very difficult.
flick through
Look through sth quickly, without reading it.
look through
Look at the pages of sth, reading it only in part.
sleep through
Continue sleeping while there is a lot of noise around you.
bring sth back
return to this place with sth that you have taken or borrowed.
bring sb back
return sb to a place, usually by car.
send sth back
eturn sth by post, messenger, waiter, etc.
phone/ring sb back
return sb's phone call.
pay sb back
return to sb the money that you borrowed from them.
get back
return, especially to your home or workplace.
get sth back
have something returned to you.
get back to
return to an earlier state, situation, etc.