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neste exacto segundo
right this second
no momento
at the moment; at the time
estão a falar português agora
they're speaking Portuguese now
estamos a jantar no jardim neste momento
we're having dinner in the garden at the moment
estava a chover quando parámos
it was raining when we stopped
estava a comprar o presente dele quando ele entrou na loja
I was buying his present when he walked into the shop
o meu pai estava a falar com a minha mãe quando eu cheguei em casa
my dad was speaking to my mum when I came home
o sol brilhava onde eles estavam
the sun was shining where they were
estão a chegar a Madrid neste exacto segundo
they're arriving in Madrid right this second
o dentista está a olhar para o dente dela neste momento
the dentist is looking at her tooth right now
estava a chover onde nós vivemos
it was raining where we live