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dama sonn
I am tired
dama gëmentu
I am sleepy
dama xiif
I am hungry
xiif-u ma
I am not hungry
dama mar
I am thirsty
mar-u ma
I am not thirsty
dafa tang
it’s hot
it’s not hot
dafa sedd
it’s cold
it’s not cold
baal ma
excuse me
baal naa la
you are excused
fan nga jëm?
where are you going?
maa ngi jëm kër ga
I am going home
maa ngi jëm ekool
I am going to school
John mungi jëm marse
John is going to the market
mungi jëm ci bitik bi
he is going to the shop
jëm-uma biro ba
I’m not going to the office
degg nga Wolof?
do you speak Wolof?
waaw, degg naa Wolof tuuti rekk
yes, I speak Wolof a little bit
John degg-ul Wolof
John doesn’t speak Wolof
bëgg-uma français
I don’t like French
bëgg-uma kafe
I don’t like coffee
Jennifer dafa bëgg lakk Wolof
Jennifer likes Wolof
damay jang
I study
damay lekk
I eat
damay liggéey
I work
moom jang-ul
he doesn’t study
moom lekk-ul
she doesn’t eat
ñoom liggéey-uñu
they don’t work
damay nelaw tuuti
I am having some sleep
liggéey-uma léegi
I don’t work now
dama bëgg noppalu
I want to rest