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Maam laa tudd
My name is Maam
Baas laa sant
My last name is Baas
nanga tudd?
what’s your name?
nanga sant?
what’s your last name?
waa Moritani laa
I am from Mauritania
sama jabar waa Moritani la
My wife is from Mauritania
yow waa fan nga?
where are you from?
sa jabar waa fan la?
where is your wife from?
moom waa fan la?
where is he/she from?
John la tudd
his name is John
Hogan la sant
his last name is Hogan
John du waa Moritani. Waa amerik la
John is not from Mauritania. He is from America
waa Amerik nga?
Are you from America?
déedéet, du ma waa Amerik
no, I am not from America
waa Moritani nga?
are you from Mauritania?
waaw, waa Moritani laa
yes, I am from Mauritania
jangalekat laa
I am a teacher
sama jabar du jangalekat
my wife is not a teacher
John wolonteer la
John is a volunteer
jabaram du wolonteer
His wife is not a volunteer
jabaru John doctoor la
John’s wife is a doctor