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en restaurant
a restaurant
et bord
a table
en menu
a menu
en regning
a bill
en kniv
a knife
en gaffel
a fork
en ske
a spoon
jeg må
I can; I may; I'm allowed
at få
to get; to receive
at bestille
to order
at spise
to eat
at drikke
to drink
at bede om ...
to ask for ... ; to pray for ...
ready; clear; bright
den; -en (det; -et; de; -ene)
til mig
for me (receiving something)
til dig
for you (receiving something)
den er til dig
it's for you
er den til mig?
is it for me?
et bord til to, tak
a table for two, please
må vi bede om ... tak?
can we have ... please?
må vi bede om menuen, tak?
can we have the menu, please?
er I klar?
are you ready?
er I klar til at bestille?
are you ready to order?
ja tak
yes please
nej tak
no thanks