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en drink
a drink (alcoholic); a cocktail
en drik
a (type of) drink
en yndlings-
a favourite (something)
den her (det her)
den der (det der)
al (alt)
all (plural); everyone
actually (in fact)
han kan godt lide kaffe
he likes coffee
han kan ikke lide fisk
he doesn't like fish
hun kan ikke lide te eller kaffe
she doesn't like tea or coffee
der er ikke noget mad
there isn't any food
er der noget suppe?
is there any soup?
de er mine yndlings
they're my favourite
kaffe er min yndlingsdrik
coffee is my favourite drink
jeg kan faktisk godt lide det
I actually like it
det her er lækkert
this is delicious
hvad er det der?
what's that?
selvfølgelig kan han godt lide salat
of course he likes salad