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Love and Hate

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en nyhed
(a piece of) news
the news
en avis
a newspaper
et blad
a magazine; a leaf
en film
a film; a movie
et fjernsyn
a TV; a television
et program
a programme
et fjernsynsprogram
a TV programme
at elske
to love
at hade
to hate
hvad elsker han at lave?
what does he love to do?
hvad er du interesseret i?
what are you interested in?
han hader at læse avisen
he hates reading the newspaper
er du interesseret i kunst?
are you interested in art?
han er interesseret i sprog
he's interested in languages
min kæreste hader kunst og musik
my girlfriend hates art and music
vores mor ser altid nyhederne
our mum always watches the news