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en tur
a trip; a turn (in a game)
at danse
to dance
at svømme
to swim
at svømme en tur
to go for a swim
at løbe
to run
at løbe en tur
to go for a run
at gå en tur
to go for a walk
at gå i byen
to go out (to town)
at spise ude
to eat out (lunch or dinner)
at sove
to sleep
at sove længe
to sleep in
at blive
to stay; to become; to be (future); to get (become); to remain
at blive oppe
to stay up
at tage hjem
to go home
hvad vil du gerne lave i dag?
what do you want to do today?
jeg vil gerne svømme en tur i eftermiddag
I want to go for a swim this afternoon
vil du ud at gå en tur?
do you want to go for a walk?
vi skal ud at løbe en tur i morgen aften
we're going to go for a run tomorrow night