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en plan
a plan
et fly
a plane
en flyvetur
a flight (the trip)
et skib
a ship
en helikopter
a helicopter
et bjerg
a mountain
et hav
a sea
en strand
a beach
en sø
a lake
at flyve
to fly
at sejle
to sail
at komme
to come
at ankomme
to arrive
at tage afsted
to leave; to go (away)
at ville med
to want to come (with)
at ankomme til tiden
to be on time; to arrive on time
rundt om
around (something)
eller hvad?
or what?
har I nogen planer senere?
do you have any plans later?
min mor og jeg skal se mit yndlingsfjernsynsprogram
my mum and I are going to watch my favourite TV programme
mine venner og jeg skal ud at spise
my friends and I are going to go out for dinner
vil du med?
do you want to come?
vi er nødt til at flyve til Japan i aften
we have to fly to Japan tonight
flyet er forsinket
the flight is delayed
vi er på vej til bjerget
we're going to the mountain
vil du med eller hvad?
do you want to come or what?