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en karriere
a career
at gå på pension
to retire
at sige op
to quit (a job)
at komme tilbage
to come back
at stå på ski
to go skiing
i udlandet
at tage til udlandet
to go abroad
pretty; rather; quite; fairly
som regel
usually; as a rule
around; about; approximately
om mandagen
on Mondays
om to timer
in two hours
fortæl mig om din familie
tell me about your family
vi tager som regel til udlandet om vinteren
we usually go abroad in the winter
hun havde en ret god karriere for fem år siden
she had a pretty good career five years ago
mine forældre går på pension om omkring tre år
my parents will retire in about three years
mine bedsteforældre står stadig på ski
my grandparents still go skiing
vi spiller stadig badminton sammen om onsdagen
we still play badminton together on Wednesdays