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et medlem
a member
en fanklub
a fan club
en sportsklub
a sports club
en sæson
a season (in sports and businesss)
en turnering
a tournament
en liga
a league
et mesterskab
a championship
at begynde
to begin
at tabe
to lose (a game); to drop (something)
at vinde
to win
equal; straight; just
at stå lige
to draw (equal score)
at slutte
to finish; to end
at støtte
to support
sæsonen begynder altid i august
the season always begins in August
jeg vil gerne være medlem af fanklubben
I want to be a member of the fan club
hvis de vinder den her kamp, vinder de ligaen
if they win this match, they'll win the league
hvilket hold støtter du?
which team do you support?