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en vittighed
a joke
at køre på cykel
to ride a bike
et instrument
an instrument
en guitar
a guitar
et klaver
a piano
at være god til ...
to be good at ...
at være dårlig til ...
to be bad at ...
at male
to paint
at tegne
to draw (a picture)
at lave mad
to cook
at bage
to bake
at lytte
to listen
at høre
to hear
at lugte
to smell
at smage
to taste
et eksempel
an example
for eksempel
for example
han er god til at spille klaver
he's good at playing the piano
jeg er dårlig til at fortælle vittigheder
I'm bad at telling jokes
hun er især god til at spille guitar
she's especially good at playing the guitar
de er gode til mange ting
they're good at many things
de er for eksempel ret gode til matematik
they're for example pretty good at maths
jeg synes matematik er svært
I think maths is difficult