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Phrases: Bargaining

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그녀는 돈이 너무 많아요
she has too much money
우리는 우리 돈을 다 쓸 수 없어요
we can't spend all our money
서점은 세일 중이에요
the bookshop has a sale on
저것은 얼마예요?
how much is that?
세일 중이기 때문에 정말 싸요
it's very cheap because it's on sale
그것은 오천원이에요
It's five thousand won
나는 돈이 충분히 없어요
I don't have enough money
let's make a deal
제가 당신에게 제안 하나 해 드릴게요
let me make you an offer
그것은 정말 좋은 제안이에요
it's a very good offer
(it's) free!