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back down
yield in an argument
back down
Sheila was right, so Paul had to__.
break down
lose control of the emotions
broke down
David __ and wept when he heard the news.
get [sb] down
make to feel depressed [colloquial]
This cold weather really_me down.
lay down
state a rule [esp. lay down the law]
laid down
The company has__strict procedures for this kind of situation.
let [sb] down
dissappoint, break a promise
Sorry to_you down, but I can't give you a lift today.
live it down
suffer a loss of reputation
If City lose, they'll never_it down.
pin [someone] down
force to give a clear statement
I asked Jim to name a suitable day, but I couldn't_him down.
put down to
explain the cause of
put down to
Diane's poor performance was_nerves. (reason)
run [someone] down
She's always_down her husband.
run down
lose power, allow to decline
I think the batteries are_down. (lack of power)
step down
resign [colloquial]
stepped down
The chairman has_after criticism from shareholders.
track [someone] down
trace the whereabouts of
tracked down
The police_the killer and arrested him.
turn [something/someone] down
reject an offer
Another company offered me a job but I_down.