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simmering lean meat, bones, seasonings and vegetables and removing all food particles leaving a clear soup
Bouquet Garni
a bouquet of fresh herbs (frequently bay leaf, thyme and parsley) tied together and immersed in a liquid; used to season stocks and braised foods
a method of cooking that involves browning meat with vegetables in fat, oil or butter first, then slowly cooking the food in a small amount of liquid; a pot roast is often cooked this way
to coat the food with bread crumbs (usually the food is first dipped in flour and then beaten eggs, then bread crumbs)
the separation of fat from a liquid content of a sauce or soup; appears curdled
a liquid made by simmering meats or fish or poultry or vegetables or their by-products in water with herbs (also “stock”)
quickly searing food to enhance flavor; most often done at the beginning of the cooking process
to coat food with a liquid such as melted butter or a glaze using a brush designed for this process
to cut food down the center but not all the way through; done to spread the food apart for quicker cooking without burning