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about 1/16th of a teaspoon; a “pinch” or less
to cook submerged in very hot fat (like French fries) until golden brown
a rich brown sauce made from reduced veal or beef stock; used to make classic sauces
to add hot, spicy ingredients (pepper, Tabasco, cayenne, mustard) to a food
direct heat
a grilling method of cooking, allowing food to be cooked directly over a flame or heat source
a scoop or spoonful of food placed on top of another food
a combination of flour, water or milk and sometimes a leaven (yeast) to make a mixture for baking
to remove and discard the liquid contents from a cooking process (as in draining cooked potatoes or vegetables)
the juices and fat that is collected from the pan of cooked foods
Dutch Oven
a large, deep pot that is covered with a tight fitting lid