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egg wash
liquefied eggs; beaten eggs with milk or water sometimes added; used in the breading process, in sealing pieces of dough and to coat some baked goods for a shiny look when baked
small particles of oil or another liquid suspended in the other (e.g. vinaigrette salad dressing)
in France this refers to the first course of a meal after the soup but before the main course; in the USA it is the main dish
a very strong, dark coffee brewed with steam pressure
have a thermometer that reads both scales)
a boneless, skinless piece of meat (fillet is used for boneless, skinless fish)
filet mignon
center cut from the tenderloin of beef
to remove impurities or particles of food by pouring through cheesecloth or a strainer or “China Cap” (chinoise)
food cooked with or garnished with spinach
a decorative scalloped edge on pastry or pie crusts; vegetables can be fluted as a way to make them have more eye appeal