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extracting flavors by soaking them in a liquid heated in a covered pan
insulated baking sheet
a cookie sheet with a space between its double layers to prevent hot spots
a solidifying process usually using gelatin
small chucks of meat, fish, or shellfish that are usually marinated before being skewered and grilled, broiled or pan-fried (pieces of vegetables often are added to the skewer); also called “shish kebab”
kosher salt
very coarse salt
putting strips of fat into pieces of meat to help the braised meat stay moist and juicy during cooking
yeast: also the process of whipping egg whites that produces air bubbles and causes the rising of baked items
to swirl or layer one food item into another to create a ribbon effect when cooked and sliced
a liquid sauce that is used to soften and flavor meats before cooking (most marinades contain ingredients such as vinegar, oil, lemon, wine, beer, herbs and spices)
a small piece of meat (beef, chicken, pork, veal) lightly pounded into an oval or a round