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en person
a person
en kvinne
a woman; a female
en mann
a man; a male
en gutt
a boy
en jente
a girl
et barn
a kid; a child
en baby
a baby
en voksen
an adult
en jobb
a job
å jobbe
to work
en skole
a school
et kontor
an office
who (question)
de der
den der (det der)
that (one)
denne her (dette her)
this (one)
hvem er de?
who are they?
jeg kjenner ikke den personen
I don't know that person
det her er min mor
this is my mum
han er min bror
he's my brother
det her er min mor og far
this is my mum and dad
det der er ikke min datter
that isn't my daughter
dette er min venn fra USA
this is my friend from the United States
har han en kjæreste?
does he have a partner?
har kjæresten din en jobb?
does your boyfriend/girlfriend have a job?
han jobber på et kontor
he works in an office