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et museum
a museum
en kirke
a church
et hotell
a hotel
et treningsstudio
a gym
en bro
a bridge
en kino
a cinema
å gjenta
to repeat
å kjøre
to drive
close; near
i nærheten
near here; close by
langt borte
far away
milevis unna
miles away
akkurat her
exactly here; just here
er det et museum i nærheten?
is there a museum near here?
treningsstudioet er her
the gym is right here
hotellet er der borte
the hotel is over there
broen er veldig nær
the bridge is very close
kinoen er langt borte
the cinema is far away
kirken er milevis unna
the church is miles away
biblioteket er nær puben
the library is near the pub
kan du gjenta det vær så snill?
can you repeat that please?
kan du kjøre meg til dette hotellet vær så snill?
can you drive me to this hotel please?