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32 LESSON - Defining and Describing

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Mr. Okawa is the brightest in the class.
この中でどの映画が「一番」面白いですか。 / この日本の映画でしょう。
Among these, which movie is the most interesting? / This Japanese movie, I guess.
Among Mr. Matsumono, Mr. Ikeda and Mr. Shimizu, who is the best student.
Where is the most scenic place in Japan?
恐ろ「しい 」/ 難「しい 」/ 恋「しい 」 / 嬉「しい 」/ 親「しい 」/ 涼「しい 」
scary / difficult / dear / happy / intimate / cool
悲「しい 」/ 楽「しい 」/ ら「しい 」 / 美味「しい 」/ 苦「しい 」 / 頼も「しい 」
sad / enjoyable / seem / delicious / painful / dependable
悔「しい 」/ 厳「しい 」/ 羨ま「しい 」/ 寂「しい 」 / 惜「しい 」/ 妬ま「しい 」
regrettable / strict / envious / lonely / regrettable / enviable
I began jogging. Then, I began to have a good appetite.
今日は月曜日ですよ。 / 「すると」あのデパートは休みですね。
Today is Monday, you know. / Then, that department store is closed, isn't it?
I bought a bike. Then, my younger brother wanted one, too.
I took an aspirin because I had a headache. Then, the headache disappeared right away.
息子は今高校三年です。 / 「すると」、来年は大学受験ですね。
My son is now a junior at high schoo. / Then, he is going to take a college entrance examination next year, isn't it?
I read a novel called Snow Country.
I heard the news that Mr. Yamada has been hospitalized.
I have the feeling that I have to keep hanging in there.
Have you ever seen the film called Seven Samurai?
Is the story that June is going to Japan true?
I am well aware of your feeling that you don't want to see him.
I completely forgot the fact that my friend is coming today.