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Agreement of nouns, adjectives, verbs (pag.9, n.11

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Cum puella erat, ea sapiens tenebatur
When a girl, she was regarded as wise
Tu et ego hoc agemus
You and I will do this
Pars militum in bello collocati sunt
A part of the soldiers were put to fight
Soror tuus et frater advenerunt
Your siter and brother have come
Ii Caesari consuli hoc dederunt
They gave it to Caesar, the consul
Puer et suus soror audacissimi fuerunt
The boy and his sister were very brave
Facinora audacia tuus cum fuisses iuvens audivi
I heard of your bravery when a youth
Diligentia et patientia virtutes appellatae erant
Zeal and patience have been called virtues
Duo milia hominum aspecti erant in cive
Two thousand men had been seen in the town
Multitudo militum erant in moenibus
A multitude of soldiers were on the wall