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The Accusative Case (pag.12, n.19)

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Caesar iis frumentum petit
Caesar asked them for grain
Eum consulem elegerunt
They will choose him consul
Me miserum, Romam advenio
Dear me, I'going to Rome
Eos quinquaginta naves petemus
We will demand of them fifty ships
Per decem dies in civi mansit
She remained in the city for ten days
Moenia alta quindecim pedes aedificaverunt
They made a wall fifteen feet high
Profectus est ad suam patriam
He set out for his home
Per multas dies actum patri celavit
For many days he concealed the deed from his father
Hostis in Italia incessit
The enemy marched into Italy
Puer et suus mater liberi fuerunt
The boy and his mother were free