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five parallel horizontal lines, upon and between which musical notes are written, thus indicating their relative pitch and, in connection with a clef, their absolute pitch
a composition that is written for four instruments or voices; also the four performers assembled to play or sing such compositions; most important type is the string quartet
symphonic poem
a type of music in which an extra musical idea (literary, descriptive, etc.) serves as the basis of an orchestral composition
another term for a tower sonata; see above
Puerto Rican folk music which reflected European influence rather than African influence
a Bohemian (not Polish) dance in quick duple meter; originated about 1830 and was extremely popular until the end of the century
modern popular Jamaican music which emerged in the late 1960s as a reinterpretation of American rhythm an blues music
punk rock
a style of rock 'n' roll that developed in the 1970s
compositions based on one theme
a succession of musical tones, as opposed to harmony