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relative keys
major and minor keys which have the same key signature (e.g., C major and A minor are relative keys).
the combinations of stops used in an organ composition.
swift, rapid
recurrent lines of text and music at the end of each stanza of a song.
quickly, rapidly.
polonaise (polacca)
a Polish dance in moderate 3/4 time. The phrases end on the third beat of the bar, and there are many repetitions of short motives. It is not a folk dance, but originated from court ceremonies.
a piece designed to be played as an introduction, but also an independent short romantic piece in an improvised manner.
a wild Italian dance in 3/8 or 6/8 time, which was supposed to cure the poisonous bite of the spider called the tarantula. It frequently alternated modes, and increased in frenzy towards the end.
passionato, passionatamente
impassioned, passionate