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alla marcia
in the style of a march
al, alla
to the, in the manner of (al before masculine nouns, alla before feminine)
accompanied; i.e., with the accompaniment following the soloist, who may speed up or slow down at will
con am, e
with love, tenderly
equal, similar
fortissimo or ff
very loud (see note at pianissimo, in this list)
jazz term referring to a note that slides to an indefinite pitch chromatically upwards.
D.S.S. al fine or dal segno al fine
from the double sign to the end; i.e., return to place in the music designated by the double sign (see D.S. al coda) and continue to the end of the piece
brassy. Used almost exclusively as a French Horn technique to indicate a forced, rough tone. A note marked both stopped and loud will be cuivré automatically[1]