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triple meter
three beats to the measure.
delicatamente or delicato
affannato, affannoso
a term denoting a certain trend in music beginning during the second decade of the 20th century, particularly in Austria and Germany. It was taken over from the graphic arts in which it designated a group of German painters who cultivated a style of emotionalism and deeply probing self expression
tight, narrow; i.e., faster or hastening ahead; also, a passage in a fugue in which the contrapuntal texture is denser, with close overlapping entries of the subject in different voices; by extension, similar closely imitative passages in other compositions
tempo di marcia
march tempo
lo stesso (, commonly, but ungrammatically, l'istesso)
the same; applied to the manner of articulation, tempo, etc.
pedale or ped
In piano scores, this instructs the player to use press damper pedal to sustain the note or chord being played. The player may be instructed to release the pedal with an asterisk marking (*). In organ scores, it tells the organist that a section is to be performed on the bass pedalboard with the feet.
humorously, innacurate and loosely
to draw out