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double bass
also known as the contrabass or bass viol
a little, as in poco più allegro (a little faster)
hold back; same as the Italian ritenuto (see below)
the use of raised or lowered notes instead of the normal degrees of the scale; chromaticism often serves to heighten the emotional tension of music
carrying; i.e., 1. generally, sliding in pitch from one note to another, usually pausing just above or below the final pitch, then sliding quickly to that pitch. If no pause is executed, then it is a basic glissando; or 2. in piano music, an articulation between legato and staccato, like portato, in this list
no chord, written in the chord row of music notation to show there is no chord being played, and no implied harmony
Quickly, lively
under part; i.e., a secondary contrapuntal part, always occurring simultaneously with, and subsidiary to, the Hauptstimme
tone-color-melody, distribution of pitch or melody among instruments, varying timbre
poetic discourse