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the highest of the standard four voice ranges (bass, tenor, alto, soprano)
un poco
a little
vamp till cue
a jazz, fusion, and musical theater term which instructs rhythm section members to repeat and vary a short ostinato passage, riff, or "groove" until the band leader or conductor instructs them to move onto the next section
thoughtfully, meditatively
a passage or section in the style of a brilliant imprvisation, placed near the endof a solo composition
an abbreviation for ritardando;[2] also an abbreviation for ritenuto[3]
a musician who plays any instrument with a keyboard. In Classical music, this may refer to instruments such as the piano, pipe organ, harpsichord, and so on. In a jazz or popular music context, this may refer to instruments such as the piano, electric piano, synthesizer, Hammond organ, and so on.
see mano destra and main droite
improvised, or as if improvised
prominent, pronounced