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out of tune; i.e., an alternative tuning used for the strings of a string instrument
a contrapuntal device whereby an extended melody, stated in one part, is imitated strictly an for its entire length in one or more other parts. The cannon is the strictest species of imitative counterpoint
naturale or nat.
natural; i.e., discontinue a special effect, such as col legno, sul tasto, sul ponticello, or playing in harmonics
ritardando, ritard., rit.
slowing down; decelerating; opposite of accelerando (see in this list)
zelo, zeloso, zelosamente
zeal, zealous, zealously
with happy emphasis and forcefulness
character pieces
a convenient denomination for a large repertory of short 19th century compositions, mostly for piano forte, designed to express a definite mood or character
a style of Puerto Rican folk music
rallentando or rall.
Broadening of the tempo (often not discernible from ritardando); progressively slower
tempo di sturb de neighbors
occasionally seen on jazz charts