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The Family / العائلة

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This is the family
هذه هي الأسرة
This is the woman
هاي هي المرأة
Where is the woman?
أين هي المرأة؟
This is the man
هذا هو الرجل
This is the husband
هاد الزوج
Where is the husband?
وين الزوج؟
This is the daughter
هاي هي البنت
Where is the daughter?
وين البنت؟
This is my wife
هاي زوجتي
This is his son
هاد هو ابنه
This is her daughter
هاي بنتها
This is the mom
هاي الإم
This is the dad
هاد هو الاب
This is the brother
هاد هو الاخ
This is the sister
هاي الاخت
This is her son
هاد ابنها
This is his daughter
هاي بنتو
This is your son
هاد ابنك
This is my daughter
هاي بنتي
This is my son
هاد ابني
This is your daughter
هاي بنتك
This is her husband
هاد هو زوجها
Where is our sister?
وين اختنا؟
Where is our brother?
وين اخونا ؟
He is our son
هو ابننا
She is our daughter
هي بنتنا
This is our son
هاد إبننا
This is our daughter
هاي بنتنا
Who is their mom?
مين امهن؟
Who is their dad?
مين أبوهن؟
He is their dad
هو أبوهن
She is their mom
هي امهن
Where is the mom?
وين الام ؟