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Loose chippings on road ahead
Maximum speed of 20 miles per hour advised at a bend or other hazard
Maximum speed of 30 miles per hour advised at a bend or other hazard
Temporary sudden change in level of carriageway surface
Traffic on road ahead is being controlled by portable light signals
Additional traffic lane available ahead as part of temporary traffic management scheme
Centre lane of a three lane single carriageway road closed
Instructions for drivers of wide loads on how to telephone for assistance
Information on breakdown recovery services during road works
Sharp bends ahead where traffic is diverted onto a temporary road for a short distance
Instructions to drivers of wide loads to follow a diversion to avoid the road works ahead
Zebra or signal controlled crossing temporarily out of use
Cyclists to dismount and use the adjacent footway
Nature of work being done by vehicle working on the highway
Temporary absence of hard shoulder for 400 yards