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an exploit
a brave, interesting, or unusual act
a prowess
a great ability or skill
a squaw
a Native American woman, especially a wife. This word is now considered offensive by many people
a descendant or the descendants of a person, animal, or plant; offspring
to vouch for
to support the truth of something or the good character of someone, based on your knowledge or experience
a levity
an amusement or lack of seriousness
(esp. of something to your advantage) happening by chance
to swill
to waste food used for feeding pigs, or fig. bad or unpleasant food
filled with bubbles
attractive and stylish because of being energetic, exciting, and confident
a stunt man
a man whose job is to perform dangerous actions in a film
a tally
a record or count of a number of items
to apprehend
to arrest or understand someone, to grasp
to arraign
to order someone to go to a court of law to be formally charged with a crime
intended to hide an illegal or secret activity (adj.)
a hoopla
an excitement that is not necessary about things that are not important
to round up
to find and arrest people; to gather scattered cattle
to see (it) through
to stay with to the end or until completion; persevere
to draw straws
to decide by lottery using straws or strawlike items of different lengths, usually with the short straw or straws determining the person chosen or the loser
acting or done too quickly, without considering the effects of your actions (adj.)
having foresight; fortuneteller; N. clairvoyance