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to step outside
to leave a room or building for a short time
to hold it
to stop and wait (command)
to play around
to fool around
a pal
a close friend, mate
to mess up
to make a mistake, to mishandle a situation
to keep your voice down
to speak less loudly (command)
all planned out
everything has been arranged, planned
to dilate
to expand (camera aperture, pupil)
to make it
to be successful in life
a stowaway
a clandestine passenger
to cut some slack
(idiomatic) to be lenient with somebody; to relax standards or expectations
to serve time
to serve duty or imprisonment period
to trip
to catch your foot on something and fall or almost fall
baser (instincts)
lower; not adhering to ethical or moral principles
to blow it
to fail at something, to cause something to fail