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verb: to have a strong, unpleasant smell, stench; noun: a foul smell, stench
to scat
to leave at once
to cuddle
to hug; to hold somebody/something close in your arms to show love or affection
a rim
the edge of something in the shape of a circle
a skirmish
a small fight, brief encounter
to get a line on
to find out information about
to mount (up)
to get up on the back of a horse
to get together
to meet socially, come together
to catch up (with sb)
to find out about things that have happened, to learn sb’s news
a medic
a doctor
I'll sort that for you.
I will arrange that for you.
a tip-off
a warning from an insider
a talon
a claw of an animal, especially a bird of prey
a wrangle
a long and complicated dispute; quarrel
a retainer
a thing that holds something in place; braces; the fee paid in advance to someone in order to secure their services (especially a barrister)