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to fill in
act as a substitute
to break off
to end abruptly, either temporarily or permanently.
pure black in colour
to scavenge
to look for or get food in other people's rubbish; to feed on the flesh of dead decaying animals
a compound
a human habitat refers to a cluster of buildings in an enclosure
a treasure trove
a collection of valuable things
a shortstop
The fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is stationed between second and third base
to break up
to end a relationship; to stop or put an end to
to swoop
to move quickly in a smooth path, esp. through the air
a fatality
a death caused by an accident or by violence, or a person who has died in this way
to goose
To move to action; spur
a canopy
a covering (usually of cloth) that serves as a roof to shelter an area from the weather; The transparent covering of an aircraft cockpit
an influx
the arrival of a large number of people or things
a mix-up
a confused situation due to a misunderstanding or mistake