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a roster
a list, especially of names
a critter
a creature
to jangle
to make a harsh sound like two pieces of metal hitting each other
a scoop
a tool like a large spoon with a deep bowl, used for picking up substances in powder form like flour, or for serving food like ice cream
a perk
a special advantage or benefit, in addition to the money you are paid
to jumble
to mix up in a confused or untidy way
a crook
a person who is dishonest, esp. someone who cheats or steals
to scoot
to slide while sitting
a catnip
a plant that has an effect on cats — nepeta pleasantly stimulates cats' pheromonic receptors, typically resulting in temporary euphoria.[
a mooring
a place to tie a boat, ship, or aircraft
a strap
a flat piece of leather or cloth for fastening things
let's get to work
let's start
spreading by contact, easily spreading from one to another
bound to be
have to be
to hump
to grind one's genitalia against a particular object or surface