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a muss
a confusion and disorderliness
to be uptight
to be in a tense state
a pimple
a small hard inflamed spot on the skin
to be gaga
to be mentally confused because of overexcitement
to exact
to demand and obtain by force
to be unconspicuous, not attracting attention
to pronounce a sentence
to declare a sentence at court
to be encased
to be enclosed or covered in a case or close-fitting surrounding
a token (noun)
a coin designated for slot machines
a brass
dough, money OR a decorative object
a draft card
a card that says you have to go to war
a toothpick
a short pointed piece of wood or plastic used for removing bits of food lodged between the teeth.
token (adj.)
merely symbolic
large round dots repeated to form a regular pattern on fabric:
to chain
to fasten and lock by a chain