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a bylaw
a law made by local government that only relates to its particular region
a banishment
the punishment of being sent away from a country or other place; the action of getting rid of something unwanted
lasting longer than is usual or necessary (adj.)
to recant
to withdraw previous statements
a ledger
a book in which items are regularly recorded, esp. business activities and money received or paid
a scum
usually a person who is considered "worthless" such as a person who steals from homeless people.
to crank up
to turn up
a hatch
an opening through a floor or wall, or the cover for an opening, esp. on a ship
having or showing ideas that are different and unusual but not practical or likely to succeed
a thrift store
a shop that sells used articles, especially clothing, as to benefit a charitable organization.
a thrift
the careful use of money, esp. by avoiding waste
a fond madness
feelings of affection for someone or something, or having a liking for an activity
to extol
to praise enthusiastically
to contend (with)
to claim, affirm, compete, argue
to stand in stark contrast
to differ greatly