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a voracity
the want to devour great quantities of something (particularly food)
an apex predator
a top predator
to cull
to pick out from others, to kill the weakest members; (noun: reject; select; collect information)
to snatch
to quickly seize (something) in a rude or eager way
the intestines and other inside organs of an animal or person, when they are outside the body (plural)
having hair that is grey or becoming grey (adj.)
more closely connected to spiritual things than to the ordinary things of life
a sluice
an artificial channel for carrying water, which has an opening at one end to control the flow of the water
a serendipity
the lucky tendency to find interesting or valuable things by chance (formal)
a precept
a commandment given as a rule of action or conduct
to make it (to the top)
to be very successful
a urinal
a device to urinate in, used by men and boys and usually attached to a wall
a midlist
the portion of a publisher's list of new or current titles made up of books expected to have less popular appeal than the frontlist
to molder
to decay slowly; to rot, be left somewhere and not used or cared for
an exertion
an effort; expenditure of much physical work