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to put a date on the calendar
to set (fix) a date
lots, a large amount or number (plural)
an incinerator
a device for burning waste material
You made it.
You did it, you managed to come here in time
I will make sure it got to you.
I will make sure you received it.
a work-up
a complete medical study of a patient, including a thorough examination, laboratory tests, a survey of the patient's case history, etc.
all rolled in one
together in a single person
a physical
a medical examination, sometimes done before a person can be accepted for a particular job
having power and ability; efficient; competent
a call-in
(of broadcasts) allowing members of the public to make their questions and opinions a part of the program
to pop off
to say something quickly and without thinking, esp. because of anger
a schist
a type of rock that breaks easily into thin layers, formed of mica or other minerals
an outcrop
a large rock or group of rocks that sticks out of the ground
attractive in an unusual or old-fashioned way
in kind
1. With produce or commodities rather than with money 2. In the same manner or with an equivalent