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to hearten
to encourage and make confident and happy
to hustle
to act quickly and with energy
a faux pas
words or behaviour that are a social mistake or not polite (noun)
considerable, large, enormous, sturdy, significant
to proselytize
to try to persuade someone to change their religious or political beliefs or their way of living to your own
to put
to judge something or someone in comparison with other similar things or people
a pot era
the ancient period in history when pottery originated
to unfurl
(of a flag, sail, etc.) to become open from a rolled position, or to cause something to become open from a rolled position
riddled with
full of something unwanted
of poor quality; characterized by inferior workmanship
to frag
to intentionally kill or wound (one's superior officer, etc.), esp. with a hand grenade
a quiver
a case for arrows
a pixie
(esp. in children’s stories) a small, imaginary person
messy or lacking care or attention, careless