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an entourage
a group of people who travel with and work for an important or famous person
bed-and-breakfast (acronym)
(a) fast internet connection that does not use telephone lines (no article)
a showdown
an event, such as a meeting or fight, that ends a disagreement or decides who will win
very unpleasant or offensive
not very busy, not having many customers
a tassel
a group of short strings or cords held together at one end and used as a hanging decoration esp. on hats, curtains, and furniture
(esp. of cloth) having a pattern of curved, colored shapes
to spurt
to flow out suddenly and with force
to pander
to please other people by doing or saying what you think they want you to do or say
a chump
a foolish or stupid person
a chip
a small piece of something or a piece that has broken off a larger object
(esp. in the past) chains that were used to tie prisoners to a place by the legs (plural)
a pail
a container, usually with a curved handle attached to opposite sides of the top edge
a crate
a large wooden box, used esp. for packing, storing, or sending things
delicate and easily broken
partly decayed plant matter, used to improve garden dirt or as fuel
to gloat
to feel or show much pleasure because of your own success or good luck, or because of someone else’s misfortune
the small solid pieces that sink to the bottom of some liquids, such as wine or coffee, which are not usually drunk (plural)
brave and determined
a monstrosity
something that is very ugly and usually large
a scoop
a tool with a handle and a curved, open end, used to dig out and move an amount of something
slightly wet and cool, in an unpleasant way
to concede
to admit that you have lost (i. e. in a competition)
a sycamore
a tree with divided leaves, spreading branches, and round fruit
a glee
a happiness or great pleasure
to fluster
to make someone nervous or upset, esp. when the person is trying to do something
activities, especially in business or politics, of a low moral standard