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(of a man) looking stylish and neat
a bum
a person who gets money by asking other people for it; also someone who treats other people badly
a bail
a sum of money given to a law court by a person accused of a crime so that the person can be released until the trial, at which time the money will be returned
a stasis
a state which does not change
not happening or appearing in a pattern; not continuous or regular
a glitch
a problem or fault
a contagion
the fact of economic problems in one country, region, etc. spreading to another
to stun
to make a person or animal unconscious or confused, esp. by hitting the head hard
left in a place from which you cannot escape
a prank
a trick that is intended to be amusing and often to make someone look foolish
a charade
an act or event that is obviously false, although represented as true
a lump
a dull, clodlike person
to perch
(of a bird) to rest on a branch or other object, or of a person or thing to sit or be on the edge or top of something
a soiree
an evening party, often with musical entertainment (French)
in bad condition or weak and therefore likely to break
the right side of a ship or aircraft as you are facing forward (noun, no article)
very good
a snout
the nose and mouth that stick out from the face of some animals
a coatrack
a rack with hooks for temporarily holding coats and hats