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to implore
to ask someone in a determined, sincere, and sometimes emotional way to do or not to do something, or to ask for something in this way
to head
to go in a particular direction
to squander
to waste money, or to use something valuable that you have a limited amount of in a bad or foolish way
a layover
a short stay at a place in the middle of a trip
wild blue
the sky (w. b.)
a parolee
a person who has been released from prison on parole
to stiff
to tip (someone) inadequately or not at all
having an uneven surface; full of jolts; rough
a hub
a center of activity
a handful
a person or thing that is difficult to control or manage
to add up
to seem reasonable or likely
to thwart
to stop something from happening or someone from doing something
in danger because not firmly fixed; likely to fall or suffer harm
to natter
to talk continuously for a long time without any particular purpose
a scoop
a news story discovered and published by one newspaper before all the others
a fug
a condition which can exist in a small, crowded place when the air is not pure, especially because of smoke or heat
a carnation
a small flower that has a sweet smell and is usually white, pink, or red
lacking sense or meaning; silly