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tending to get angry and argue with people
to browbeat
to ask or demand continually that someone do something
to pull off
to succeed in doing something difficult or unexpected
to shore up
to make something stronger by supporting it
somthing happening exactly when needed but without being planned (adj.)
a dissension
a strong disagreement, esp. within an organization
to groom
to make yourself ready to be seen; put in order
cheap or of low quality
a flip-flop
a sudden and complete change of plans or opinion
a spiel
a speech, esp. one that is long and spoken quickly and is intended to persuade the listener about something
to gnaw
to bite or chew something repeatedly
by a whisker
by a very small amount
strong or solid
a poacher
someone who catches and kills animals illegally
to clench
to close or hold something very tightly, often in a determined or angry way
to fathom
To penetrate to the meaning or nature of; comprehend.
to root for
to give audible encouragement or applause to a contestant or team; cheer.
to slur
to pronounce words in a way that is not clear
a bilge
the bottom inside part of a ship where dirty water collects
rude or offensive