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a compliance
The action or fact of complying with a wish, a command or an order
a flak
strong criticism or opposition
a pinhead
he very small round end of a pin
a paralegal
a person with some legal training whose job is to help lawyers
to countermand
to change an order that has already been given, especially by giving a new order
to sequester
to keep the people on a jury (= group deciding a legal case) separate from everyone else, even from their families, while deciding a case
to instigate
to cause an event or situation to happen by your actions
a minuteman
any of the members of the American citizen army at the time of the American Revolution who volunteered to be ready for military service at a minute's notice
to defy
to refuse to obey or to do something in the usual or expected way
a gantry
a tall metal frame that supports heavy machines such as cranes, railway signals or other equipment
to loom
to appear, esp. when seeming large and threatening
to pull off
to succeed in doing something difficult or unexpected
a dismay
a feeling of unhappiness and disappointment
a vaudeville
a type of theatre entertainment in the 1800s and early 1900s which included music, dancing and jokes
to portend
to be a sign that something bad is likely to happen in the future
to inoculate
to give a person or animal a vaccine
the hives
a condition in which a person’s skin develops swollen red areas, often suddenly, esp. as a reaction to something the person has eaten; (definite article)
to put on
If you put someone on, you deceive someone, often in a joking way; (verb)
a pewter
a blue-gray metal that is a mixture of tin and lead
a boxcar
a railroad car with sliding doors and a roof, which is used to carry freight