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a vanguard
the front part of a group of people who are moving forward, esp. an army
to bequeath
to give money or property to others after your death
a bent
a natural tendency
a supplicant
a person who asks a god or someone who is in a position of power for something in a nervous way that shows that they do not think of themselves as very important
a prodigal
tending to spend or use something without thinking of the future
a drivel
something written or said that is completely worthless; nonsense
to mug
to attack a person, using force or threats of force to steal the person’s money or possessions
a reverie
(a state of having) pleasant thoughts
a faculty
a group of university departments concerned with a major division of knowledge
to scintillate
to say very clever, exciting or funny things
a jackhammer
a powerful tool, held in the hands and operated by air pressure, that is used for breaking hard surfaces such as rock and roads
a sideline
an activity that is less important than the main one
a clearance
official permission for something
to incur
to experience something bad as a result of actions you have taken
to comport
to behave
to refract
to change the direction of light, sound, heat, or other energy as it travels across or through something
full of energy and difficult to control