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a backfire
(of a plan) to have the opposite result from the one you intended
to prod
to push something or someone with your finger or with an object
to tire of
to become bored with it
to strike up
to create or establish a relationship or conversation with someone
a ghoul
an evil spirit that eats dead bodies
a hive of activity
a place where everyone is very busy
a parchment
the dried, pale skin of some animals which was used in the past for writing on, or a paper made to look like this
to plow
to force your way, or to advance slowly although it is difficult
the state of being too loose or not tight enough (adj.)
to tell off
to criticize someone angrily
to outclass
to be much better than someone or something
to cough up
to produce or give something unwillingly, esp. money
(of a body) thin and attractive, and able to move easily and gracefully, or (of movements) easy and graceful (adv.)
made of or like flint; severe and determined
to lodge
to formally make a complaint to an official
a cutlass
a curved sword with a single sharp edge, especially as used in the past by pirates
a wart
a small hard lump (= raised area) which grows on the skin, often on the face and hands
to blare
to make a very loud noise
a seacock
a valve below the waterline in the hull of a ship, used to control the intake of sea water