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to graze
to touch and rub against something while passing it, causing slight damage
a tad
a little bit; a small amount
to condone
to ignore or accept behavior that some people consider wrong
to haul
to pull something heavy or transport something over long distances
a whiteout
a weather condition in which snow and clouds change the way light is reflected so that only very dark objects can be seen
to take up
to begin to do something
a mutt
a mongrel, a dog of mixed breed
to pit against
to put someone or something in opposition or competition with someone or something else
a towline
tow rope, a rope used for towing a vehicle or boat
to bicker
to argue about unimportant matters
to blow up
to become suddenly very angry
a cocoon
the covering made of soft smooth threads that surrounds and protects particular insects during the pupa stage as they develop into adult form
small animals and insects that are harmful or annoying and are often difficult to control (no article)
to hiss
to make a noise like the sound of the letter "s"
bending or able to be bent easily; not stiff
to braid
to join three or more lengths of hair or other material by putting them over each other in a special pattern
to forage
to go searching, esp. for food
short and wide
old and dirty; messy